Find out which classes will be offered at the Round Rock Campus for Spring 2024.

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Texas State Round Rock Campus offers educational programs and workforce development opportunities for individuals residing in the Williamson County and Austin areas.

Bachelor's Degrees

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A variety of bachelor's degrees, as well as required courses for other degree programs, are offered at the Round Rock Campus (RRC).

At this time, the RRC offers primarily upper-level courses. Students can take the lower-level courses either at Texas State University San Marcos campus or from a community college before transferring to Texas State to obtain a degree. It's recommended that you complete the majority of the lower-level courses prior to applying to Texas State University if you plan to take classes at the RRC.

Master's Degrees & Doctoral Degrees

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To take graduate-level classes at the Round Rock Campus (RRC), you must first apply and be accepted to Texas State University. Once you are accepted into a specific program, you may register for courses held at the RRC during your designated registration period.

In addition to the degree programs in the College of Health Professions, the graduate-level classes offered at the RRC are generally designed for part-time students who would prefer to attend classes in the evenings. This makes our programs perfect for those who are working or have other daytime commitments.

Some programs may include online courses, but the percentage of online and in-person requirements may vary for each program. Inquiries about the online requirements can be directed to the specific department. 

Fully Online Degree Programs

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Earn an accredited and career-aligned degree from Texas State University. Online Education — everywhere, for everyone, so you can get ahead in life.

Certifications & Continuing Education

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Texas State's certificate programs consist of combinations of college courses selected by departments and offered to students who may already have a degree but want to advance in their careers or prepare for licensure exams.

Academic Advising

Texas State offers unparalleled support for its students for every major and academic college. Whether you are a first year student, current undergraduate student, or a graduate student, we have options for you in the buttons below.
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