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Electronic Grades

Texas State Electronic Grade Submission Instructions

You should now have rights to the Business menu and can Submit Grades electronically at the end of the semester. Follow the first 3 steps below to find your class roster via the Inquire Class Roster link.

To Submit Grades:

  1. Go to the Texas State Homepage:
  2. Click on "CatsWeb" (under Online Services on the left side of the homepage).
  3. Click on "Business Menu".
  4. Log on with your user ID and password (same as you use for your email).
  5. Click on "Submit Grades".
  6. Click on the radial button to select the class for which to enter grades.
  7. Click on the "Submit" button. It should bring up the class roster.
  8. After the grades are entered click on “Submit”. *See Note below
  9. The system will return a Verification Screen with the message "All grades entered for this class were successfully processed."
  10. If you submit your grades electronically, do NOT submit the paper copy.

*Note: If the class has more than 50 students enrolled, the program will bring up the next 50 after you submit the previous 50 students

After the grades have been submitted the class will show Posted the next time you visit the Submit Grades link.

If you wish to print a hard copy of the grades, use the "Inquire Class Roster" link from your main menu after you have submitted your grades.